Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


the word 'al - hayy' signifies 'ever living' so to me personally as I write my final EID IZ ZAHABI  post spiritually I still feel Moulana saath saath -  the journey continues 
for the community at a cross road, these are the most troubled and difficult times.
I find succor and peace in his loving memories 
dawat na umoor sehal thai jaye Moula ! - shitabi sehal thai jaye !
is my constant pleading in each dua, after each tilawat and any pious act performed. 
16th Rabi ul Awaal Jumoa 12.14 pm as I was preparing to go for my regular Jumoa Namaz
will for ever be etched in my memory
the night of 17th Rabi ul Awaal spent in the precincts of Saify Mahal 
witnessing the outpouring of love and grief
17th Rabi ul Awaal the day of the final journey
waiting on the road for hours, for the final Deedar
and joining the multitude of mumineen, for a short distance, 
 as it slowly made it's way to Raudat Tahera   
the night of 28th Rabi ul Awaal will for ever remain in my fond memories
from 12 midnight to past 1.30 pm doing ziyarat, doing tilawat, praying nisful layl 
feeling reluctant to leave 
28th Rabi ul Awaal - attending Khatmul  Quran Majlis in Saifee Masjid
getting the sharaf of Deedar and taziyat arz to
between 5th Rabi ul Aakhar and 15th Rabi ul Aakhar
embarked on a  ziyarat journey, which took my wife Rabab and me  to 

in each Kubba Mubaraka did ziyarat - offering hadiyah to our 
beloved A'li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin Mouls (TUS)
fervently pleading with each vali that Dawat na umoor  shitabi sehal thai jaye 
remembered fondly the azeem kurbani of Moylai Raj bin Hasan 
in my vatan Lunavada gave Misaq to the 53rd Dai ul Mutlaq (TUS)

MOULA na saath saath 
the journey continues..... 

“During his long and illustrious life, he championed the cause of education and healthcare, besides giving an unstinting support for environmental conservation and protection. In his departure we have lost a living symbol of communal harmony and peaceful coexistence,” 
In his departure, we have lost a living symbol of communal harmony and peaceful coexistence. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and the entire Dawoodi Bohra community. I pray to the Almighty to grant them strength and fortitude to bear their loss,” 
Vice President of India - Mohammad Hamid Ansari


  Thrusday April 16, 2009

The health concerns of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) during Ayya'mul Ta'budaat, stirred the passions of mumineen, world wide. The immense love and reverence found an expression, in mumineen, young and old alike, from all walks of life, undertaking long walks, from their towns and cities to distant maza'r mubaraks.

In countries like USA and even in parts of India, they walked from markaz to Masjid, in other cities from devri mubaak to Masjid. 

The 98th Milad mubarak will be remembered in the annals of Fatemi History, for this unique outpouring of love and affection.

The walks undertaken, are all well documented. I need not go into details. DB Net, Malumaat, Planet Bohra, ZenInfosys etc: have covered them with photographs.

My blog is primarily for reflection - taffakur. 

The question is - what have they achieved ?

By walking for a very noble and spiritual cause - shifa e kulli of Aqa Moula (TUS), they have in so doing, attached themselves - 'lahik thavu' with the pious actions of our Imams (SA), Doat and Awaliya kirams.

This to my mind, is a singular achievement, one to die for. Moula 'si lahik thavu, yeh sagla na amal thi amal karta thavu' - attachment, is a sure sign of emancipation, of real freedom.

I will just narrate a few of the 'walks' that come readily to mind.

Imam Hasan (SA) did 25 Haj on foot, walking through the desert from Medinah to Mecca, accompanied by a large retinue.

Each year we hear, how Ziad dinil Aswad came in the hazrat of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) to do kadambosi, all tattered and bruised, and seeing him tears, swelled in the eyes of Imam (SA) and he uttered the famous kalema'at - ' haliddin o illal hoob'

Syedi Kazikhan bin Ali (Sidhpur) had walked all the way on foot from Rampura to Ahmedabad. He took the journey walking behind the bullock cart, that was carrying Dai ul Mutlaq !!

Miaji Tajsaheb (Umreth) each year on the day of Ghadir e Khum, use to walk it from Umreth to Ahmedabad in the hazrat of Dai ul Mutlaq, to give misaq !

Our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) had climbed the arduous mountain terrains on foot, in many of his ziyarat trips to Yemen

In recent memory the young Yemini girl who ran all the way, down the mountain, behind the car of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) panting and breathless. When ushered in the presence of Aqa Moula (TUS) just to say ' inni wallaho ohibboka ya Moulaya' which went on to become the most iconic statement, through out the mumineen world.

I was fortunate to meet this Yemini girl,and heard her sonorous recital of Marsiya and Madeh in the durbar of Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin Saheb (RA)

Mubarakbadi to all those, who out of pure love and affection for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) under took long walks to mazar mubarak, spread far and wide.

The Isha'raats in my Moula's Munajaat Sharifa 1431 H

In continuation of my earlier blog entitled ' Isha'raats in my Moula's kalaam and salaam' and primarily upon receiving the baraka'ts emanating from 'ahyah of Laylatul Qdr - the deedar sharaf (live video relay) and the spiritual blessings from the tilawat of Munjat Sharifa ' Adooka Adooka Zalzala'li' - 1431 H I am making a honest attempt to conceptualize and understand the 'isha'raat' and hidden haqaiq, alluded to in the Abya't Sharifa 17

With the beginning of Al- Multaqa in 1399 H and the historic restoration of JAMIA UL ANWAR the onset of the 15th Century Hijra has witnessed unprecedented rise in the 'community consciousness' and understanding of mumineen. It is unfolding in quantum leaps of creative emergence. Just look back a few decades and one will surely realize, what a transformation it has been.

In this BURHANI DAUR a glorious epoch in the resplendent Fatemi history, the brilliance of understanding the 'isha'raats' and comprehending the haqaiq - the hidden truths has permeated to all 'holons' of the community. There has been an exponential growth.

I have used the term 'holon' as it is most appropriate and if readers have read my earlier blog
the meaning and significance of what I want convey will be better understood.

It is for this reason I presume that Aqa Moula (TUS) of late has been conveying hidayats in isha'raats. The community consciousness has risen to such heights of transcendence, that Aqa Moula (TUS) has to make 'isha'raats' and every one understands, gets infused and motivated.

A layman like me with limited knowledge and grasping power, also receives the baraka't of making an attempt to understand the hidden haqaiq and isha'raats. It is only because of my Moula's karam and ehsaan.

Syedna Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) in his most endearing and touching Nashihat - 'biradar tu..' goes on to convey ' samaj jo yeh isha'rat ne -
ne lejo bisharat ne '

This hidayat of Muqqadas Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) has flowered in full bloom, resplendent in all hues- it is spring time of community consciousness. Awareness and understanding permeating all the strata of mumineen society.

In the context of the above, let me share with you my 'taffakur' of Abya't Sharifa 15 and 16. As the subject of this blog is - isha'raats' I will not take recourse to explain in detail, as I am confident, that by merely making pointed references, the readers will understand and more important, they will be adding to the understanding by their own reflections and tafaakur.

So if you all start sharing your thoughts, this may well turn out to be a evolving blog - spiritual transcendence.

I have incorporated my taffakur of Abya't Sahrifa 15 and 16 in the image below. I am indebted to my young friend Bhai Murtaza Attari for giving his time and expertise, and helping me translate my concepts into computer graphic design.

Now on tilawat of the Abya't Sharifa 15 and 16 again and again I began to reflect.
In Abya't sharifa 15 Aqa Moula (TUS) emotes on two 'sujoods' the one by Rasulallah (SA) soft mud (water and mud) and the other by his grandson Imam Husain (SA) on the dry burning sands.

In Abya't Sharifa 16 the zikr of sujood by Nabi (SA) on Laylatul Qdr in water and the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) in blood on Ashura.

In Abya't sharifa 17 Aqa Moula (TUS) alludes to the hidden haqaiq, that both the sujood of Nabi (SA) in muddy water and that of Imam Husain (SA) in blood soaked burning sand, will for ever protect mumineen till day of Qayamat from enemies of Deen, at the same time both the 'sujoods' will for ever quench the thirst of the true seekers of Ilm and all those who are seeking emancipation from this earthly bondage.

In this Abya't sharifas Aqa Moula (TUS) has made effective use of opposite words:
water - blood / cool mud - burning sand / night 'Layl' - afternoon 'asr'

If you study the image, what is the first thing that strikes you. The white circle represents an un impregnable fortress (hisne haseen) that keeps the mumineen protected from the region of tenbrosity - a region of darkness and gloom, a region of malefic ether causing disaster, harm and evil in human society. All evil thoughts and deeds, all that is negative and restraining to the ascent of human mind and soul, find refuge in this dark space of microscopic vibration.

The white space provides immunity and protection from the egocentric tendencies that tend to divide us and make us selfish and possessive. The sujood of Raulallah (SA) on Laylatul Qdr and the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) on the day of Ashura has manifested into a sheath (Armour) at the same time an all embracing, permeating, enfolding positive spiritual force, a field of subtle energy, offering protection and at the same time, energizing the mumineen 'nafs' to attain higher and subtler hierarchies.

On my reflecting on the sujood of Rasuallah (SA) in soft mud on the Night of Qdr.

Mud and water reminds of 'ibda' - creation. Surah Al-A'raf (Ayah 12 ending) ' and him (Adam) you created from clay'

So the sojood of Rasulallah (SA) on Laylatul Qdr signifies to me the creation of the protective sheath - the first evolving - and the sheath goes on to become an un impregnable fortress ( hisne haseen) with the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) on the burning sands of Karbala.

It is for this very reason that Aqa Moula (TUS) emphatically and in all miqaats tells mumineen to remember Moula Husain (SA) - ' abkika moulayal Husain - afdika molayal Husain - moulaya moulaya Husain'

'Mumineen Imam Husain upar tame ek an'soon nikalso to' maroo kam thayi gayoo'

Which in effect means that now there is no fear of malefic forces, a mumin comes under the protective sheath.

My reflections on sujood of Rasulallah (SA) in water and sujood of Imam Husain (SA) in blood.

Life begins in water and blood is the life giver.

So the protective sheath began on the night of the Qdr and when Imam Husain (SA) was martyred in blood drenched sujood on the day of Ashura, the protective sheath became impregnable till the day of Qayamat.

In the explanatory note in Abya't Sharifa 17 Aqa Moula (TUS) says that Awaliya Kiram sahebs have ensued that only mumineen have been blessed to receive the ma'refat (know the significance and import) of both Laylatul Qdr and Ashura.


Eckhart Tolle : As long as the egoistic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtain what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled. Since ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things. 

The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, social status, recognition etc:
None of this is YOU. Do your find this frightening ? 

You will know it at the latest, when you feel death approaching. Death is the stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die"- and find that there is no death. 
Interesting ! Has Eckhart read or come to understand the nasihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, and if you care to read his nashihat, it is a treasure trove of many such Spiritual truths in most endearing and easy to understand language. Just 2 examples in the context of the above.

Syedi Sadik ali saheb states so eloquently : 

'gar maut ne samjo to', kunji (the key) chhe nazati ni
tehqiq yeh ma'din chhe ruhani haya'ti ni' 
marvana agaari tu' eh bhai mari jaje
logo kahe jivto chhe, ehvu tu kari jage' 

I am sure Echart Tolle has not come across the nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, but has been blessed with the Spiritual Truths. In his best selling book THE POWER OF NOW he is merely showing us how to go more deeply and to understand the truth contained in our DEEN.

If one is taking 'haqiqat' sabaks they will find it more interesting and enriching to read his book.

## The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is. 

OUR DEEN our all encompassing 'shariat' teaches us to accept and stop resisting in myriad of ways, so that we may overcome the primordial trait that resulted in our falling from grace, in the fist place. 

## Resentment, hatred, self pity, guilt, anger, depression, jealousy, even the slightest irritation are all forms of pain. 

OUR DEEN for this very reason to make us free of pain, teaches us kana'at - santosh and tawaakul - bharoso on Allah and our Moula (TUS).

## Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. TRUE POWER IS WITHIN AND IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW. 

OUR DEEN : What other better living example than that of Imam Husain (SA) mocking at Shimr, laughing right on his face, as the layeen sits with 'butha khanzar' on his chest. Seemingly all powerful, but in truth utterly weak and vanquished.

It is this power within that made Imam Husain mock Shimr. Aqa Moula (TUS)referring from the most eloquent 'shadat'bayan of Syedi Abdulkader Hakimuddin Moula (RA) says


Aqa Moula (TUS) farmavey chhe ke Imam Husain Shimr na samne ‘hasa’ ane farmu ke tu uth mara sina upar thi – mane sajdo deva de' shimr ne uthvooj paroo – this is the true power within – The Power of Now – a’ waqt ma sajdo devano chhe – taru khanzar nahi chale – just give it a thought Imam Husain is all alone – shimr sina par khanzar layee ne savar chhe – magar haqiqat ma Imam Husain jane cheh ke a’ banu ummaya ni weakness chhe, which is disguised as strength. 

So each year we mumineen assemble together on the 'nida' of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) to mourn and remember the 'shadat' of Imam Husain (SA) and in so doing we reaffirm the POWER OF NOW - the knowledge that Forms are born to die, we are aware of the eternal underneath the forms. We know and affirm that 'nothing real can ever be threatened'. 

Muharram 1432 H is just a few weeks away, and every one is eagerly awaiting to hear the nida of Dai e Husain to experience once again, the reaffirmation of the POWER OF NOW. 

Eckhard Tolle goes on to state that, when this is your state of Being, how can you not succeed ? You have succeeded already. We mumineen know for sure, for our Moula has on several occasions, emphatically conveyed that we need not worry. 

No doubt self help books, those written by truly awakened masters and spiritual savants, are precious, but in the end, the effectiveness of the teaching is relative to the reader, who reads such books, and applies his understanding. 

There are various methods of acquiring knowledge, one such is known as Socratic Method, the other is Philosophical method, but all these are very painstaking and laborious processes of acquiring awakening, and everyone is not competent to graps and understand.

The sure shot method with little effort and maximum positive result is what the mystics call the attachment with purified and perfect individual. OUR MOULA. 

'If there is a desire for union in your head, O Hafiz
You must become like clay in the craftsman's hand'

In truth OUR DEEN has made us mumineen that supple clay in the hands of the master craftsman - OUR MOULA. 

THE POWER OF NOW has done wonders to my understanding the Spiritual Truths, but this much I want to convey to my young well read, educated friends that OUR DEEN is more deep, more refreshing, more rejuvenating. I have been trying to convey this message in my writings, how far I have succeeded I know not. I leave it upon my readers to make the judgment.

How I wish that in this 100th Milad Mubarak year, the great spiritual and literary works of our savants, awliya kiram sahebs, in this internet driven age, find a niche and become guiding posts for all those seekers of truth around the world. 

Each day I see my posts, being assessed around the world, comprising of diverse cultural and ethnic population around the world, in countries like Morocco - Switzerland - China - Germany. The stats are a source of motivation and satisfaction.

The lowly hand rickshaw finds a pride of place.

Monday January 17 - 2011

The lowly hand rickshaw finds a pride of place.

The hand rickshaw has been an integral part of public transport in Kolkata - The City of Joy since late 19th Century. It finds a pride of place in the newly built Al - Masjid ul Burhani complex, lovingly decorated and lighted up and in front of Haveli Mubarak, so that Aqa Moula (TUS) when giving deedar mubarak can also see it.

It is most appropriate and symbolic, as the hand rickshaw was first introduced by Chinese traders, primarily to carry goods. The area famously known as CHINA TOWN where there were many tanneries, is in the vicinity of Topsia, where the new Maajid has been built.

With the passage of time, the British Rulers made the hand drawn rickshaws, as a means of cheap public transport, which was widely used particularly by ladies. My mother used to tell us, that they were treated regally by the rickshaw pullers, whenever, they ventured out. As they came out of the building, the rickshaw puller would stop everyone with a flourish of his hand,so that no gent crosses their path. Once they are comfortably seated, a pardah made of canvas, would be dropped, and with the brass bell tinkling merrily, they would be carried regally to their destination.

With the passage of time, however, many thought it is degrading, and inhuman. However, from the point of view of rickshaw pullers, who mostly hail from the neigh neighboring states of Bihar and Jharkand, it is their means of livelihood.

Prior to 1990, there were about 10,000 rickshaws providing livelihood to around 18,000 rickshaw pullers. In the year 1996 the State Government tried to lure the rickshaw pullers with the version of golden handshake, offering a princely Rs: 12,000/- for surrendering their rickshaw. surprise of surprise - not a single person accepted the amount - five times the cost of rickshaw.

'We work, we do not steal. This is no indignity to me. It is a decent way of earning a living' says Mohammad Israel, who has been pulling the rickshaw for past 40 years. Another hard working rickshaw puller feels contented that it has given him everything in life - a wife, two sons in his village.

As I was collecting the above facts, my mind wandered to the daily news reports of crores of financial scams perpetuated by our powerful politicians and bureaucrats. the lowly hand rickshaw - the symbol of hard and honest work is most deserving symbol of The City Of Joy, finding a pride of place just across the Haveli Mubarak.

I recall my self getting the sharaf of pulling Aqa Moula's rickshaw on several occasions, during his kayam shareef in the city. I hope some one does have those memorable pictures, if some one has it, I would be please, if the same is forwarded, so that I can post it on this blog.

During the recent years, the hand pulled rickshaws have dwindled in numbers, and only ply in the by lanes of the city. However, they prove indispensable, when during the rains, the streets get flooded, and cars, auto rickshaws and all other forms of modern transport, come to a halt. It is the lowly rickshaw that merrily trudges on, and their riders reach their destination, in style.

This tribute to the rickshaw and the hard working rickshaw pullers has been written by me during the kayam shareef of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) We mumineen of Kolkata fervently hope and pray that may our Moula (TUS) stay in our CITY OF JOY for a very long long time.

I had made a suggestion for a tram car ride, another one of its kind mode of transport, that is unique to our city. Given the time we now have, the water body facing the Haveli Mubarak can be dotted with artistic pandal structures, lighted up with the world renowned Chandernagore lighting, depicting our rich Fatemi Heritage.

Ashara Ohbat 1431 H Kolkata - The Day of Reckoning Draws Near

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is morning of Thursday 10th Dec: 2009 and with the worldwide mumineen and specially those in our city, still waiting anxiously for the 'fasal mubarak' I walk into the new masjid complex. Last night I am told youngsters had worked real hard, and after much effort managed to cart the heavy carpets to the ladies 'tutak' from ground floor storage.

I found Janab Amil Saheb supervising work, and Bhai Shabbir Kothari told me that last night Janab Saheb was there in the Masjid complex till 3.30 past midnight !! Stupendous 'ohbat' Words fail me to express my gratitude and appreciation.

I was fortunate to meet and interact with ABDUL HAFIZ BHAI who had flown in last night. He is is the head marble artisan from Makrana (Rajasthan) His family has been in the khidmat of constructing Roza Mubaraks, Masjid Kiblas. Abdul Hafiz bhai had stayed at Hutaib Mubarak for nearly 9 months and the Kubba Mubaraka of Syedna Hatim bin Syedna Ibrahim saheb (AQ) and the turbat mubarak, was completed under his supervision.

He was also blessed to work on the marble flooring inside the Zarih Mubarak of Imam Husain (SA) and narrated that in the cracks, that had developed near the 'kabre mubarak' of Moulana Ali Akber (SA) and Moulana Aliasgar (SA) he had seen blood droplets.

He was all praise for the construction and grandeur of our Masjid and the idyllic a location near large water body and surrounding scenery. You will feel proud to know that the design motif of our Masjid Kibla is taken from the design motif on the Zarih Mubarak of Imam Husain (SA) and according to Abdul Hafiz bhai, no other Kibla has such design motif. A singular honor for our Masjid.

I was privileged to see memorable pictures of Abdul Hafiz bhai with Aqa Moula (TUS) and Shazada sahebs, one was of his 'dakheli' touching the turbat mubaraka of Imam Husain (SA)

I was honored to meet him.

I requested Abdul Hafiz bhai was a photo op and he was kind to oblige me. The picture being held by Abdul Hafiz bhai is that of Muqaddas Moula Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) giving audience to Fateh Mohammad ( father of Abdul Hafiz bhai) who had supervised the construction of the Roza Mubaraka of Syedna Fakhruddin Saheed (AQ) and numerous other marble works.

I would be failing if I do not mention the sustained khidmat of Bhai Sahbbir Kothari. For past 2 years he has been a regular and works with gusto and enthusiasm.

As I conclude this post I have just received information that Insa Allah Aqa Moula (TUS) is likely to do 'fasal mubarak' tonight - Jumoa Night from Rozat Tahera.

Let us wait and keep praying.

Ashara Ohbat 1431 Kolkata - Count down 40 days to Eid e Gadir e Khum

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Each year for the past three decades, come Eid e Gadir e khum, mumineen the world over, and in particular, we mumineen of Kolkata, wait with eager anticipation, for the fasal Mubarak of Ashara Mubaraka for that particular year.

For the past 30 years and more, we mumineen are more concerned with booking of Air/Rail tickets , at earliest opportunity, some even manage to book reservations for two or three cities or a different country, where they anticipate Ashara Mubaraka will be held, in that particular year. We in Kolkata have all these 30 long yers been busy speculating on which city or country will get the sharaf and barakat of Ashara Mubaraka.

However, this year it has to be different. Believe me friends, it is different. With the ongoing ohbat, the intensity of purpose, reflected in the daily hectic schedule of Janab Amil Saheb Yunusbhai Saheb (DS), who has single handedly, managed to enthuse the community, specially youngsters, the question I ask now is – how many of you are now thinking otherwise ?

Each day positive developments are being witnessed, the fence sitters are fast coming round into the mainstream. Each day, we witness new enthusiastic young faces, coming forward, to put their heart and mind, wealth and expertise to make the ‘moment’ happen. Bhai Qaid Mandasurwala of K K Jwellers, is a recent case in point.

A quote from my Face Book :
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. In order to create those moments, we have to be focused and work hard. That is precisely what the mumineen of Kolkata are doing. Hope we are blessed with those moments, that will take away our breath, but give us a blissful eternal life.

Yes, in order to have this blessed ‘moment’, which will for ever enrich our lives, and that of our generations to come, we have to be focused, we all have to work hard. I salute the dedication of the core Masjid Tameer Committee, who have all these past 2 years overcome many obstacles.

This post has a meaningful purpose. I request my young friends to forward it to all those whom you know, so that more and more can be motivated. As I only have a few mail i/d's in my mailing list, forwarding this post will greatly help.

The numerical 40 has a great significance in our belief system. Click on the link provided by Mulla Husainbhai Kheriwala.

Friends 9th Zilkad – Tuesday 27th October , is the first day of the 40th DAY – 41stis Eid e Gadir e khum. So as you read this post, reflect on it intensely, close your eyes for a few moments, and think how you will make this ‘moment’ happen. How you will be contributing.

The best way is to be at the Masjid Tameer site often, spend some quality time there. Janab Amil Saheb and the core tameer committee members will be there, each day to guide you. Make self assessment of your actions, based on your niyat. On the 40th Day you will be surprised to find, how much you have achieved.

It is theorized that once a critical mass number (it is 40 I suppose according to our belief system ) is reached, the same behavior shows up in all other members of the same group/ species. It seems to be true , that once the critical mass is reached, all members begin to think and act in a certain way, so does all other members of that group.

The invisible connection between all members of a group/species is more verifiable now than it was a few years ago.

Scientists report that when atoms within a molecule align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously, line up the same way. (Ref: Nick Herbert’s ‘ Quantum Reality’ F. Capra’s ‘ The Tao of Physics – Lewis Thomas’s ‘ The lives of Cells’ are a few books, that establish the connection between – the principles of physics and a ‘collective consciousness’

‘ek jan banvu’ as being repeatedly emphasized by Janab Amil Saheb

Fortunately I have been reflecting on this a lot, and now I can say with confidence, that magical critical mass, has been reached – I am a witness to it.

I was invited to attend the first meeting of Aya’n ul Jamaat at Badri Hall during Sehrullah, and since than what a tremendous progress has been made. It is all solely because of the doa mubarak and ‘nazarat e rahima’ of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS), the zeal and single minded dedication of Janab Amil Saheb, his family members and all the dedicated mumineen, who are confident that – yes they will sacrifice to achieve this blessed ‘moment’

I am indebted to and Bhai Khoj Badami – Pune for placing the widget showing that time, is fast ticking away, and now is the time for action and also the digital image photograph.
Friends, you are free to share your aspirations and actions on my blog. I know many are hesitant to write in, you may call me up and share your thoughts.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Ameerul Haj and his 'asa

It was a most moving 'wada' scene on the hallowed precincts of Saifee Mahal on the morning of Jumoa 27th Zilkad 1433 H ( 12th Oct:  2012) on the occasion of Milad of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) when Aqa Moula (TUS) bid an emotional farewell to his A'li Qadr Mansoos - Ammerul Haj Moulaya Mufaddal Saifuddin  Saheb (TUS)

As A'li Qadr Moula repeatedly prostrated himself  in humility and shukr and as Aqa Moula (TUS) lovingly looked on, for that small gathering, who was there to witness the history in the making - it was simply heavenly and ethereal.

The poignant wada scene was narrated to me over phone by a relative, who said as Muffadal Moula slowly withdrew and those assembled conveyed Mubarakbadi, tears overwhelmed him and as he repeatedly looked back longingly at Aqa Moula (TUS). Every few steps he took forward, he turned around to look once  more, to be blessed once more with Deedar of his Naas,which may be conveying to  him a thousand things, which is beyond our comprehension.

It is beyond words to describe the emotional and spiritual bond between the most radiant Nass and his most glowing Mansoos.

'nigah noor ki murte hai inteha ki taraf
qadam bhi barhne lage rah e kibriya ki taraf
irada kar liya iman ke muddua ki taraf,
lo ja rahe hai Mufaddal rozat se Kabatullah ki taraf '

(Ack: Bhai Mohammad Rangoonwala - zakir e Husain )

During wada Aqa Moula (TUS) gave to A'li Qadr Mufaddal Moula (TUS) the hadiyah of 'asa.

Now this hadiyah of 'asa seems to be very unique and very significant. I am unable to fathom the true significance. None the less it made me reflect. Here in this post I share my reflections, with the hope that it may also make my readers reflect and share their insight, as an act of Hamd and Shukr.

For a layman and an infirm like me - an Arabi - 'asa is merely a walking stick, to give me support - a walking aid, so that I may be able to take firm steps. However, for a Spiritual savant, an 'asa is much much more. It harbors deep connotations and meanings, which we will not be able to fathom. In this post, I merely skim the surface with my reflections. People of knowledge may be able to dive deep and gather luminous pearls of hikmaah.

'Asa is the sunnah of Ambiyaa  (AS)
It is an adornment of the pious people.
It is a weapon to vanquish the enemy.
It is also an aid for those who are weak and old.

'Asa is synonymous with Musa Nabi (SA) He was firm in faith and robust in health when he challenged the court of haughty Firoun and his mighty courtiers. ALLAH commanded his Nabi to throw his 'Asa. Musa Nabi (SA) ek ehvi daleel pesh kidhi ke pal bhar ma 'kufr' ane zahalat ni kalak miti gayi - sagla hebat na sabab sar nigu thai gaya.

Now my reflections. Within hours of receiving this hadiyah from beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) the latent power of the 'asa - its significance was witnessed in the bayan mubarak of A'li Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin Moula (TUS) in Dubai .

With conviction and force he threw the 'asa and it  resonated in the most powerful words. Imam Husain (SA) ni zikr ghani mohti neamat chhe .... kitna gamo Husain ni zikr thi roke chhe ..... samaj chhe ke nahi eh  logo ne ...............   Those who have been fortunate to hear the bayan will surely come to understand. I will not go into the details.

Thus the Nass Aqa Moula (TUS) has truly empowered his A'li Qadar Mansoos (TUS) by his 'asa and in the days to come I fervently hope and pray that the presence of A'li Qadr Moula (TUS) in the most revered and blessed precincts of Madina Munawwara and Makkah Moazzama - a miracle will surely unfold. The present circumstances are very difficult. A particular creed  and thought process has laid barren the fertile spiritual soil.

In the pious hands of A'li Qadr Moula Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) the 'asa will surely work a miracle. It may take years, but the seeds will surely be sown in this mubarak safar.

For many years now Aqa Moula (TUS) and each and every mumin is yearning and pining to witness their long cherished dream :

'Zarih e Fatema banavo Moula
yeh bushra zaldi sunavo Moula '

The coming days will surely bring the good tidings. Let us all pray.


This story is a result of talking with a host of family and friends, not only in my city, but in many other cities and towns, over phone and on chats. There are facts deftly intertwined with imagination - I have tried to answer some of the questions being raised, the niyat is that it will provide my Readers with valuable insights and at the same time, the joy of reading.

Central characters -

My self - Asgar aged 50 years running own business and maintaining a study income and providing a decent standard of living to my family, and having a weakness for Tandoori Indian dishes.

Wife : Rabab aged 47 years. Home maker and an excellent cook .

Murtaza : Aged 23 years studying for his MBA and a lover of Fusion Foods.

Nooruddin : Aged 18 years in his final Year at School, has yet to decide on his future studies, has not given a thought , but of one thing he is sure, his love for Continental and Mediterranean food.


It is Sunday and our family is enjoying a sumptuous dinner of:

Pumpkin Risotto with Pickle Oil Ice cream
Hummus Bil Lahm and Kebab Joojeh

Tuwar pulao – palidoo – the favorite of my wife, and after toiling for the entire Sunday morning over the above 3 dishes, we as a family are very considerate to her, and do not expect her to make the elaborate Murgh Ki Raan where the making of galouti mixture for stuffing of Chicken, which requires the mixture to pass through the Mincer thrice is indeed a very tiring and time consuming process.
But my sons have made it clear that coming Sunday she has to make it or else they will be eating out – a notice which makes my poor wife shudder , to think of the costs of eating out.

I know the threat of eating out will work - come Sunday, and we will have Murgh ki Raan in our Thaal.


Now cut to Jumoa namaz two days back, where Janab Saheb appraised us of the salient points, the nitty gritty and most important the ‘barakats’ emanating for the individual, the family and the entire community at large from the ‘ FAIZ UL MAWAID BURHANIYAH’

He explained to all of us the a’ala niyaat and the significance of it, the haqiqats behind it are many , he said, which we fail to comprehend.

It is best known to our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and his Mansoos (TUS) who has started this very unique and far reaching initiative, first started in London. Aqa Moula (TUS) speedy recovery is miraculous and when Janab saheb said that come Muharram and Insa Allah we will be blessed to hear the shadaat of Imam Husain (SA) from the Imami Takht once again, these words brought tears in many an eyes, and I for one was convinced.

I made immediate enquiries at the Mawaid centre and came to know that on payment of Rs: 4,600/- per month our family of 4 will be delivered a basket of wholesome nutritious Bohri food, and on further enquiry was pleased to know that the khidmatguzars are putting in a lot of effort, and the niyat is that out of 100 baskets – 60 will be paid for and 40 will be free baskets. Great concept I thought.

But knowing my family and specially my two sons I found the task very daunting. Worry was writ all over me when I returned home from office, and my wife Rabab immediately noticed it, but was kind enough not to push the issue in the fore front. Saturday also she found me in a very sullen and brooding nature and I confided her the problem that was perplexing me. She had a few encouraging words for me as I left for office.

It was decided between us that after Sunday dinner we will bring this ‘basket’ subject before the children. I wanted to put my case very convincingly, and being a stickler for details, Saturday was spent on reflecting - Googling on the subject of sharing food. Many hours of searching resulted in one convincing article by Dr. Phil Birtie – the Role of Food in Empowering Communities ( Refer to my previous Blog post)

There is much to food than mere physical benefits of nutrition and health. A good point I felt. Encouraged by this lead I read more and more. I found out that sharing same food is a means of bridging the gaps between same members of the community, which has arisen because of different socio economic conditions.

The seeming disconnect between the affluent class and the marginalized class of the same community – we are brothers all - 'mara DEEN na farzando' so lovingly referred by Aqa Moula (TUS) - he is our Bawa Shafiq - he is doing the tadbeer for our 'ma'ad' - emancipation – than why so much disconnect. It pains to see people so unconcerned at the plight of their fellow mumineen etc: Such thoughts made me fully engrossed, so much so, that I found difficulty in sleeping.

Luckily for me as I was tossing and turning and try to understand the truths behind this unique ‘mohim’ and in order to find some solace and peace of mind, I took up to do tilawat of Munajaat sharifa 1432H

And started reading it, some thing told me an answer may be found here. As I read along I came upon the following Aby’at Sahrifa –



As I turned the page the following Aby'at Sharifa made me more convinced.

A silent doa for my Aqa Moula (TUS) and his  A'li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula (TUS) escapedmy lips and I went off to sleep.

Sunday morning I got up fresh and rejuvenated and braced up for the day with a light toast and tea breakfast. Rabab also busied herself in the kitchen, as we were going to have a sumptuous dinner of Pumpkin Risotto – Humus Bil Lahm – Kebab Joojeh the ingredients for which could not be had in ordinary market store, so after quick bath drove out to the far away Spenser Specialty food outlet.

On reaching there, the shop assistant told me that for pita breads I will have to wait for an hour, as fresh stock was being awaited. Under the circumstances I had no other alternative but to just chill out – so I headed straight to across the street Barista and ordered Hazelnut Mocha and Chocolate Chip Muffins.

One hour is a long, long time, and it was early morning, there were hardly any customers, and amidst tranquil surrounding I drifted back and started reflecting on the Abyaat Sharifas, which had provided so much solace last night.

Let me share my reflections - Dear Readers - if you find some erroneous thinking on my part, do correct me, I will be deeply indebted.

Abyaat Sharifa 71 -

Aqa Moula (TUS) expresses that there are countless desires (niyaat) which he longs to be fulfilled ….. ke jehni kadar k'um chhe – ehne baland karoo.

We mumineen are all DEEN na farzando of our beloved Bawa Shafiq – we are all ‘baland qadar’ in that sense – hope my Readers agree - than what does Aqa Moula imply by saying that ‘ qadar k’um chhe ehne baland karoo’ 

Spiritually we are all the same, but in certain section of the affluent society a wrong perception has taken deep roots based on purely materialistic outlook – the yardstick of success is wealth – you are counted and seen by the car – the house you own and the latest mobile and other gadgets you flaunt etc: Much can be written, but to make the point, just making broad references.

So is it not that by sharing same food – the social beneficial effects are many, the widening gap – the disconnect in bridged? What say you dear Readers. Is my reasoning faulty ? Please correct me then ?

The FAIZ UL MAWAID BURHANIYAH is a most important initiative of leveling the ever widening chasm.

Agreed ? O K let me proceed.

Abyaat Sharifa 74 -

ALLAH ! Do help those who help their brethren with love and affection in overcoming the difficulties of day to day living and make good his brothers shortcomings.

Here Aqa Moula (TUS) is blessing those who come forward – those who are enjoying the best of material comforts and good life – to come forward and help those of their marginalized mumineen brothers. They have the world, they are self sufficient but they are still in need of mu’asaat (help) and this help only Moula and Moula alone can give as a boon.

For M’aad we will not need a Ferrari - a Hublot Euro BB but our Aqa Moula’s doa Mubarak – his doa Mubarak will infuse us with spirituality – humanity – love for our fellow mumineen brethren – it will make us walk the ‘siraat’ with joy and abundance resulting from sharing – in this case sharing the same food that my fellow mumin bhai in shukr is so happy to have with his family – it has eased him of financial burden also but the important underlining message is – WE ARE ALL ONE !!

So it is a Win Win situation for both the giver and the receiver.

As I was sipping my Hazelnut Mocha across the table I found a copy of Sunday Telegraph, 11th Sept: 2011 and having more time in hand, I took it up and glanced at the Front Page.


I read with interest the headline story – ‘ Osama gone, hunger gnaws’ by K.P.Nayar
The ‘Food Stamp’ Programme cleverly renamed ‘ Supplement Nutrition Assistant Programme’ (SNAP) The growing number of Americans 46 million and ever growing - their plight – how they are being looked upon by other affluent Americans, made an interesting reading.

I immediately called for a Note Pad and Pen from the counter, and noted down excerpts, which you can read, and if you so desire, the entire News Report, by clicking on the below link.

I am confident that after reading it, specially American mumineen and all those in the Western countries, will see the immense benefits of FAIZ UL MAWAID BURHANIYAH

How I wish some mumineen associated with the Press Organizations can file a report on the on going ohbat.

I received a call that my pitta breads have arrived, so I left Barista to collect it, at the same time feeling more confident to lay out the facts of the case more purposefully, after dinner, when I will be talking ‘basket’ with my grown up sons !!

Those who have been following the story closely may be feeling exited to know what happens after the Sunday sumptuous dinner. As for my self to be honest, although my wife Rabab had made excellent Kebab Joojeh and other items on the Thal, I could not enjoy as much as my son Murtaza and Noorudin, who were relishing every dish.

As a fond father, looking at them enjoying so much, I was feeling a little sad to broach the ‘thali’ subject, but was determined all the same, knowing my wife Rabab supported me whole heartedly.
It was crunch time – dinner was over, there was palpable tension building up inside me and suddenly there was POWER CUT.

It was in reality a blessing in disguise. It had rained steadily in the evening, so the weather was cool. I had replayed the scene many times in my mind earlier in the afternoon. My taking up the subject for discussion, finding Murtaza telling me – ‘ sorry Abba – we can discuss it later I have a project to complete ‘ the younger Noorudin as if on cue standing up and walking off to his room to watch TV. Multiple scenes played out in mind.

Those who are parents of growing up children can well empathize with my condition.
The POWER CUT proved to be a blessing – good food - cool breeze – family bonhomie on Sunday evening, motivated me to take up the ‘thali’ subject. I will not bother you up with all the details, some of which I have already written about – I found my sons in rapt attention – was a miracle working out.
Not a word.

Rabab encouraged by the silence response told us how she would love to share the same food with the family of Amina. Now Amina was her childhood friend, both went to school together in Lunavada, and from my wife I had heard many childhood stories of my wife always being in awe of her dear friend, who was smart, intelligent, helpful – once my wife started, she would go and on ……

However, two years back Aquilbhai who was a very successful businessman was struck with a paralytic stroke while at office, as a result of which his entire body was immobilized. In short the world of Amina and her son Hakim who was of same as my Noorudin and both were school buddies, went into a tailspin.

As Aquilbhai was running his supply business single handedly, as expected business suffered, creditors started knocking at their door, debtors started playing truant, medical Bills started piling. Aquilbhai died thereafter living behind a family who much against their wishes, started to become depended on ‘muvasaat’

Now dear Readers – the above circumstances are a fact, only other things are fictitious to protect the identity of the family. In my long years of ‘reaching out’ I have come face to face with so many such families.

Here I would I like to recall the resilience (khuddari) of one mumin bhai. I came to know of his plight after his wife was diagnosed with Cancer, and piling medical Bills and running about for treatment, completely drained out his financial capacity. He removed his son, who was very intelligent and smart from a good school were the fees were high.

I came to know about it and approached him to see if I could mobilize some funds for the schooling. In his own words – ‘ Asgarbhai shukran , but let me bear my own cross’ Tears swelled in my eyes, and I felt so humbled that there are such mumineen in this world. On that day frankly I felt proud to be born a mumin.

Was Aqa Moula (TUS) referring to such mumineen in his Munajaat Sahrifa 1432H – did he mean those who have been victims of circumstances -
ke jehni kadar k’um chhe – ehne baland karoo.

I put forward this question to my sons, and I put forward it you my dear readers ?
Please do reflect, and you will surely find spiritual bliss, and understand the importance of this food sharing.

Our family can easily have Canneloni Milanaise Style ( an ideal party dish – Tarla Dalal) but no we will decide to have the same ‘thali’ food, for we know that there is some ‘hiqmat’ in the initiative started by Molayi A’li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin saheb (TUS)

LUCKY ME - the lights had not come on, and my sons with rapt attention were listening. As a family we agreed that yes we will take the ‘thali’ and surprise of surprise, my son had more updated information than me.

He said he is following the development with interest and being an MBA student, he is seriously considering doing a project on it. He had worked out the costs based on per person consumption of 125 gms rice (Gobindo bhog is cheaper and more nutritious than costly Basmati – we are not doing a ‘shaadi khana’ was his argument) 3 rotis – 25 gms mutton /khima – dal 50 gms and sabji 100 gms )

He said to bring down the costs , mumina ladies from affluent families who have Ayahs and other support staff at home to care, can volunteer their services one day a week. Six groups for six days a week can be formed and their husbands can be entrusted with daily bazaar.

Now it was our time to listen with rapt attention to the sage and practical advice of both our sons who were gung-ho and pretty exited.


I stole an affectionate glance at Rabab and found her all smiles, and pink as peach. I thank ALLAH for having blessed me with such a wonderful family. END

DEAR READERS : I hope you enjoyed reading LUCKY ME but more important, many misconceptions and questions may have been removed. As for me I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and being blessed to convey my thoughts and insights.

In the process I have used my imagination as well as facts, both have been deftly interlinked.
To conclude Rabab is my wife and as with ladies who love to hide their age I have made her younger by 11 years !!

Murtaza and Nooruddin are my two sons, but both of them died in their infancy. Had they lived both of them would have been strapping + 30 and apples of our eyes. In their premature deaths and sufferings I learnt a great lesson. There are no regrets, but fond remembrance. They taught me to live life in jest, and my writings, and my interaction with family and friends, is a living proof. I have two grown up children, and grand children.

A great life lesson I learnt from them was to empathize – to reach out to the suffering and the marginalized of the community, who are victims of circumstances, and not personal failures in life.
As Eckhart Tolle says in his best seller - A New Earth – these are the people who ACCEPT WHAT IS - they accept THE PRESENT MOMENT with fortitude. I feel it is for this particular section of the marginalized community for whom Aqa Moula (TUS) has referred so eloquently, in the Munazaat Sharifa, they must be in his thoughts, in his fervent ‘ilteza’ this Laylatul Qdr.

Dear Readers this story LUCKY ME I fondly dedicate to both my sons, who died in infancy. Any good that may come out from your reading, let it be their ‘sawab’ ALHAMDOLILLAH !

Thursday, January 23, 2014


                                    we are proud of our islamic heritage

In the reign of the FATEMIDE CALIPHS the annalyst ‘Ayni says that the public library at Cairo contained over two million works, of which over six thousand treated exclusively of mathematics and astronomy. The scientific spirit of Islam was at its zenith.

At Cairo in the reigns of  Imam Aziz billah & Imam (S.A.) and  Hakim bi - amrillah (S.A.)) there flourished one of the master spirits of the age IBN YUNUS  the inventor of pendulum and the measurement of time by its oscillation. His great work named after his patron and Imam-”ZIJ - UL - AKABAR - AL HAKIMI” soon displaced the work of Claudius Ptolemy. IBN - YUNUS  died in 1009 a.c.

The sons of Musa ibn Shakir who flourished under Mamun and his two immediate successors, calculated the size of the earth from the measurement of a degree on the shores  of the red sea, this at a time when Christian Europe was asserting the flatness of the globe.    

ABUL HASAN invented a telescope  (died 873  a.c.)

AL - BATANI  introducer of sine & cosine in mathematics 

BUYIDE  AMEER - AZUD UD DOWLA ( Malik Fariskhusru) built several hospitals and refuges for the orphans in Baghdad. He built magnificent mausoleums over the kabre mubarak  of Moulana Ali (S.A.) & Imam Husain (S.A.)

HASAN IBN HAITHAM became renowned  for his work in optical science. His book ‘Balance Of Wisdom’ 

The first observatory in Europe was built by the Arabs. The GIRALLD over tower of Seville was erected under the supervision of the great mathematician  Jabir ibn Afiah in 1190 a.c.

ABU MUSA JABIR (the Geber of Christian writers) is regarded as the father of modern chemistry. He was a native of Tarus. Ibn Khallikan says - Jabir complied a work of two thousand pages in which he inserted the problems of his master Imam Jafar as Sadik (S.A.) which formed 500 treaties. 

The oldest surviving Arabic encyclopedia  of medicine the  FIRDAUS  AL HIKMA in some respects remains unsurpassed. Ali bin Rabban Al Tabari wrote this work in the year 850 a.c. and was contemporary of Hunayn bin Ishaq.

Ali bin Khalaf (eleventh century)  invented the ‘universal plate’ the astrolabe.

AL BATANI established the formula   cos a  = cos b  

ABUL WAFA (died 998 a.c.) introduced the theorems of the tangents , he also introduced the secant and cosecant.

ABU NASR (died 1036 a.c.) discovered the theorem of sines.

GHIYATH AL DIN JAMSHID AL - KHASI (died 1429 a.c.) carried out the extension of the decimal system to fractions.

Famous Arab geographers who flourished in the tenth century. Muslim bin Humair - Jaihani - Masudi - Ibn Haukal - al - Beiruni  (who travelled to India)  Yakut - Nasiri Khusru the author of SAFARNAMEH.

Famous Arab Historians  were Hamdani - Masudi  (author of  such works as Mirat uz Zaman - the mirror of the times & Muruz uz Zahab) Ibn ul - Athir (authored universal history al - Kamil)

Famous Arab Astronomers whose observations concerning the equinoxes, the eclipses, the apparitions of the comets and other celestial phenomena that added greatly to human knowledge were to name but a few  Bin ali - yahya bin Abi Mansur - Mohammad bin Musa .

AL KINDI  wrote two hundred works on various subjects - arithmetic, geometry, philosophy, optics etc:

ABU MAASHAR (corruped by the middle ages europeans into Albumazar) made celestial phenomena his special study . Tables of Abu Maashar has remained always chief source of astronomical knowledge. 

ALBATANI (the Albategnius of medieval Europe) was another distinguished  astronomer. His Tables translated into Latin furnished the ground work of astronomy in  Europe for many centuries. The Banu Amajur were noted for their calculation of the lunar movement.

ALKOHI  under the patronage of the Buyides studied the movements of the planets. His discoveries concerning the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox  were extremely important.

HASSAN BIN HAISEM (Haithem) commonly called in Europe Alhazen is famous for his discovery of  atmospheric refraction.He was born in Spain but resided in Egypt and flourished in the eleventh century.

IBN SINA (Avicenna) was undoubtedly one of the greatest thinkers and physicians the world has produced. ABU NASAR FARABI (Alfarabius) was called by the Arabs the second Aristotle.

                                                ‘LEGACY OF ISLAM’  C. E. Bosworth