Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ashara Ohbat 1431 H Kolkata - The Day of Reckoning Draws Near

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is morning of Thursday 10th Dec: 2009 and with the worldwide mumineen and specially those in our city, still waiting anxiously for the 'fasal mubarak' I walk into the new masjid complex. Last night I am told youngsters had worked real hard, and after much effort managed to cart the heavy carpets to the ladies 'tutak' from ground floor storage.

I found Janab Amil Saheb supervising work, and Bhai Shabbir Kothari told me that last night Janab Saheb was there in the Masjid complex till 3.30 past midnight !! Stupendous 'ohbat' Words fail me to express my gratitude and appreciation.

I was fortunate to meet and interact with ABDUL HAFIZ BHAI who had flown in last night. He is is the head marble artisan from Makrana (Rajasthan) His family has been in the khidmat of constructing Roza Mubaraks, Masjid Kiblas. Abdul Hafiz bhai had stayed at Hutaib Mubarak for nearly 9 months and the Kubba Mubaraka of Syedna Hatim bin Syedna Ibrahim saheb (AQ) and the turbat mubarak, was completed under his supervision.

He was also blessed to work on the marble flooring inside the Zarih Mubarak of Imam Husain (SA) and narrated that in the cracks, that had developed near the 'kabre mubarak' of Moulana Ali Akber (SA) and Moulana Aliasgar (SA) he had seen blood droplets.

He was all praise for the construction and grandeur of our Masjid and the idyllic a location near large water body and surrounding scenery. You will feel proud to know that the design motif of our Masjid Kibla is taken from the design motif on the Zarih Mubarak of Imam Husain (SA) and according to Abdul Hafiz bhai, no other Kibla has such design motif. A singular honor for our Masjid.

I was privileged to see memorable pictures of Abdul Hafiz bhai with Aqa Moula (TUS) and Shazada sahebs, one was of his 'dakheli' touching the turbat mubaraka of Imam Husain (SA)

I was honored to meet him.

I requested Abdul Hafiz bhai was a photo op and he was kind to oblige me. The picture being held by Abdul Hafiz bhai is that of Muqaddas Moula Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) giving audience to Fateh Mohammad ( father of Abdul Hafiz bhai) who had supervised the construction of the Roza Mubaraka of Syedna Fakhruddin Saheed (AQ) and numerous other marble works.

I would be failing if I do not mention the sustained khidmat of Bhai Sahbbir Kothari. For past 2 years he has been a regular and works with gusto and enthusiasm.

As I conclude this post I have just received information that Insa Allah Aqa Moula (TUS) is likely to do 'fasal mubarak' tonight - Jumoa Night from Rozat Tahera.

Let us wait and keep praying.

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