Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 Muffadhal bin Amr - we mumineen are very familiar with the numerous riwayat of this very close ashaab Kiram of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA)

Muffadhal bin Amr one day while sitting in Masjid e Nabawi , was greatly troubled, overhearing a conversation that Abi Al Auja an atheistic pagan was having with his comrade.

Muffadhal could not control his rage and confronted Abi Al  Auja with the words " O disbeliever ! Do you disbelieve in the faith of Allah by totally denying the existence of Him, who created you, transforming you from one state to another, till you arrived at your present form ? Had you looked at your own self and contemplated  how you came into existence, then you would have recognized within your own self obvious proofs of the existence of the Almighty Allah.'

Abi Al Auja retorted that if you can provide well founded proofs, then only we are ready to discuss with you. As you are a companion of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) it is not his way of addressing issues, you should follow his example and not speak in such ill manner.

Early next morning Muffadhal sought permission to have audience with Imam Jafar us Sadik ( SA ) which was readily granted. Imam (SA )was appraised of the earlier night incident, and  Muffadhal expressed his hurt and pain at the insensitivity of the atheist pagan, who had the audacity to reprimand him saying that  on several occasions your Imam (SA) has entered into discussion with us, and he had argued his case with conviction but had not shouted us down, like you are doing. It is better, if you seek first answers from your Imam and than have a debate with us. 

Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) with a radiant smile  and calm demeanor , that only Imam ul Haq can emanate, heard with patience, which greatly eased the worries of Muffadhal. 

For the next three days each morning Muffadhal bin Amr would approach his Moula and Imam would 

convey to him the knowledge covering all the aspects of Allah's immaculate creation and the symmetry of His Design.

One version of the compilation from which I have taken reference is titled Tawheed al Muffadhal.  

I would like to share with readers one question posed by Muffadhal to his Moula, in reference to the different human organs that we are blessed to have, each having a particular design and placement in the human body. 

The answer that Imam (SA) gave needs a lot of reflection, resulting in better understanding, and provides solace to all those who are deprived of some organs, and suffer hardship on account of that. 

Hope readers will reflect and increase their understanding, and have a correct perspective and develop empathy for all those, who are differently able  who have to live with some deformity etc

When I read the answer, true realization  dawned, and it is with this niyaat only, that I have undertaken to write and share this post. 

I am sure that after reading the answer, you will be having a very different and positive perspective for your differently able  brethren. The answer will also provide solace and peace, to all those who are differently able, particularly parents of all the differently able children. 

Muffadhal bin Amr : ' Moula ! How is it that some people are lacking in those organs and systems, and undergo the losses that you described ? ' 

Imam Jafar us Sadik ( SA) said : ' It is for warning of the person lacking them, and other people as well. The Monarch warns his subjects in such ways, and such warnings is hardly resented, rather it is appreciative advice.

The people who are thus afflicted will be re compensated after death, provided they are grateful to Allah and turn to Him, so munificently, that all the troubles undergone by them, due to lack of such organs, will appear trivial in comparison. So much so, if after death, they are allowed the choice to return to those afflictions, they would welcome the opportunity to earn higher recompense. 

Let me share with you my reflection. More knowledgeable people can reflect and increase their understanding far better. 

Loss of organ or lack of system is not only a warning to those who are deprived but to each and every one of us.

Those who are afflicted, if they are grateful to Allah and turn to Him munificently, bear with fortitude Allah will surely recompense, so much so that if they are allowed the choice to return to those affliction, they would welcome the opportunity to earn higher recompense.

I have been reading the Book - Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani where she narrates about her miraculous recovery, after being afflicted by end stage cancer Hodgkin Lymphoma type, going into coma and when the doctors had declared her dead, she revives after having a NDE  which has been medically documented, completely cured of her cancer. 

She has this to share : Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us, and take us back to who truly we are.

It is acceptance and allowing the things to unfold in our lives in Hamd and Shukr, will save us from mental and emotional agony, will help us recover faster, will able us to come to terms with our condition. We mumineen are blessed to know from the answer given by our Imam (SA) that those who are afflicted, will be re compensated in good measure in Akherat.    


  1. Beautifully written, poignant and insightful. Please post more such stuff :) ashara Mubarak, dua maa yaad.

  2. La tudrekahul absaar wahuva yudrekahul absaar. wahoval latifun khabeer. Your eyesight cannot reach Him but His does. He knows every micro macro things.