Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


After the frantic search had slowed by the Quraish, Abdullah bin Uraiqit who was a trusted guide, came to the cave with two camels and Muhammad (SA) departed with food provisions for the onward journey through the seldom used ways along the coastal route.

 That was in Rabi'ul Awwal 1st year A.H.  September 16, 622 C.E. After traveling through many villages they finally reached Quba on Monday , 8th Rabi'ul Awaal ie: September 23rd 622 AC in the forteenth year of Prohpethood.  

The shouts of Allahu Akbar  resounded amongst the Muslims, whose joys knew no bounds as they show they beloved Nabi (SA) emerging out of the desert mirage, from their look out point at Harrah. They had been going there each morning, and waiting till noon to catch the glimpse of the Prophet (SA).

Muhaamad (SA) stayed in Quba for 4 days. He built the Masjid and prayed there. Moulana Ali (SA) stayed back in Makkah for three days to return the trusts on behalf of the Prophet (SA) to their respective owners, and emigrated thereafter and reached Quba.

On the fifth day Friday he accompanied by his maternal uncles Bani An-Najjar and others, he rode towards Madinah amidst throngs of joyous Madiense, who had lined his path.

Though not wealthy, every Ansar   (helper) was eager to receive the Messenger in his house. It was indeed a triumphal procession. Around the camel of Muhammad (SA) and his immediate followers, rode the chiefs of the city in their best garments and in glittering armor, the little girls chanting beautiful verses of welcome.

Every one pleading with Muhammad (SA) as he passed their houses to alight and stay with them. Muhammad (SA) used to reply courteously and kindly to each of them " Leave it (camel) on its way, for it is commanded (by Allah)"

The camel moved onward with loosed rein, reached the site were Masjid ul – Nabawi will be built. The camel knelt down, but Muhammad (SA) did not dismount, until the camel rose again, moved forward, turned back, and came back to kneel down in the very former spot. At this spot, Muhammad (SA) alighted in the area inhabited by Banu An-Najjar, a tribe related to the Prophet (SA) from the maternal side.

The fortunate host Abu Ayyub Ansari, whose house was the nearest to the spot escorted Muhammad (SA) to his dwelling. The first task to which Muhammad (SA) attended was the building of the Masjid, at the spot where his camel had knelt down. The land which belonged to two orphans was purchased, the ground was cleared of weeds and shrubs, and leveled. Muhammad (SA) himself carried bricks and stones and recited verses, in praise of Allah.

A brotherhood between the Ansar ( Helpers) and Muhajirun (Emigrants) was established, the most unique in the history of the world. A gathering of 90 men, half of them Helpers and half of them Emigrants assembled in the house of Anas bin Malik, where Muhammad (SA) gave the spirit of brotherhood his blessings.

Muhammad (SA) attached to that brotherhood a valid contract : it was not just meaningless words but rather a valid practice relating to blood and wealth. The atmosphere of brotherhood created a spirit of selflessness infused deeply in the hearts of his followers, and produced healthy results.

The Helpers were extremely generous to their brethren –in-faith. Abu Hurairah reported that once the Helpers approached the Prophet (SA) with the request that their orchards of palm trees, should be distributed equally between the Muslims of Madinah and their brethren from Makkah. But Muhammad (SA) was hesitant to put this heavy burden on them. It was, however, decided that the Emigrants would work in the orchards along  with the Helpers and the yield would be divided equally among them.

The Emigrants took only what helped them make a reasonable living. This mutual brotherhood was so wise and timely, that many problems were resolved, and progress achieved wonderfully.


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