Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Earlier we had seen how the Doa of Nabi (S.A.) manifested in the nasl of Valid bin Akaba, that 18 Doat Mutlaqeen in Yemen were his descendents, the first being the 5th Dai Syedna Ali bin Mohammad Valid (A.Q.)

Syedna Ali bin Mohammad bin Valid (A.Q.) by virtue of his piety, knowledge and tafadi was elevated to the position of mazoon by Syedna Hatim bin Syedna Ibrahim Saheb (A.Q.) the 3rd Dai and served the Dai and Dawat with diligence and fervor and was also entrusted with imparting knowledge to Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim the illustrious farzand of Syedna Hatim (A.Q.)

The ancestors of Syedna Ali bin Mohammad Valid had been serving the dawat in Yemen and during the reign of Imam Mustansir Billah (S.A.) Syedna Ali Bin Mohammad Sulehi who was Dai Balag in Yemen, sent Moulai Ibrahim bin Abi Salma (who is the maternal grandfather of Sy: Ali bin Mohammad bin Valid) as envoy with hadayah in Hazrat Alia Imamia. During the course of his stay in Misr, Moulai Ibrahim fell gravely ill, and was blessed with the Doa mubarak of Imam (S.A.) who sent him a kuza of 'shifa water' partaking of which, resulted in full recovery. 

The ikhlas of Moulai Ibrahim was such, (the ikhlas resulting from the Doa of Nabi (S.A.) on that difficult day in Taif) that he took this kuza with him to Yemen and whenever, need arose he used to give refilled water from the kuza to the mumineen in Yemen, which cured them of their illness and brought relief. So much so, that when the kuza was accidentally broken, he made a vasiyat, that the broken pieces should be put in his kabr.

The ikhlas, tafadi and khuzu of Syedna Ali bin Mohammad Valid is a shining example in the annals of Fatemi Dawat, which had moved Syedna Hatim bin Sy: Ibrahim to exclaim that the ikhlas and khuzu of Syedna Ali bin Mohammad has surpassed that of the farishtas who were commanded by Allah to offer sujud to Adam (S.A.)

Syedna Hatim (A.Q.) had indicated his desire to elevate Syedna Ali bin Mohammad, his Mazoon to the august position of Dai ul Mutlaq after him. When Syedna Ali bin Mohammad came to know of Dai's intentions, he presented himself before the Dai, and with folded hands made arz that he has been receiving lutf and karam of Syedna Hatim, who has elevated him to the position of Mazoon and has also entrusted him, with imparting knowledge to his worthy son, who has equaled him in knowledge in all aspects. 

Moula but he is endowed with one more blessing, and that is he is like unto you, your very flesh and blood, your very own son. So with deep convictions and in all humility I request you to elevate him to the august position of Dai ul Mutlaq, and I will continue to serve him as I have been serving you Moula.

This ikhlas and tafadi resulting from deep knowledge of the Fatemi ulums, greatly moved Syedna Hatim  (A.Q.) and here we can safely extrapolate that tears of joy and Shukr may have swelled in the Dai's eyes, and his mind may have traveled back in time to the burning sands of karbala, and to the night of Ashura where the Ahle bait and ashabs of Imam Husain (S.A.) had gathered in his khaimagha. Vivid memories of the Ahle bait and Ashabs led by Abbas Alambardar (S.A.) offering their tafadi and firm resolve to be with their Moula and not to forsake him but to offer their lives in his khidmat, on being told by the Imam (S.A.) to leave him alone to face the yezidi forces, may have lighted up luminous face of Syedna Hatim with spiritual radiance.

Thus Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim (A.Q.) became the 4th Dai and Syedna Ali bin Syedna Mohammad bin Valid continued to serve him, till the time he himself was elevated to the august position as the 5th Dai ul Mutlaq. After him followed 17 Doats from the nasl of Valid bin Akaba, the last of them being the 30th Dai ul Mutlaq Syedna Ali bin Moulai Hasan (A.Q.)

Yemen had been the shining outpost of Fatemi Dawah for more than four centuries. 

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