Memories with my Moula over 50 glorious years. The smiling young one between bewe Moulas has witnessed the glorious and eventful 50 years. At the Shabab outing managed to evoke smile on Moula's radiant face, with a silly Chinese skit. At the Star Sporting Club outing got a walk the talk opportunity. Treasured memories.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Have you ever wondered how the Arabs started worshiping so many idols before the advent of Islam ?

In fact the Arabs who claim decent from Moulana Ishmael, professed the Tawheed of Allah as taught by Nabi Ibrahim  (SA) for a long time , until they forgot part of what they had been told to obey, follow and jealously guard.

However, they still maintained such fundamental beliefs, such as monotheism, as well as other aspects of Nabi Ibrahim's teachings.
The stumbling block and one of the reason responsible according to me was the tribal culture of the Arabs. Heads of tribes enjoyed dictatorial privileges, they were held in awe and respect by their tribesmen.

These tribal chiefs were always in constant competition with each other, outdoing each other in entertaining guests, affecting generosity, wisdom and chivalry - here is the catch and the cause - not to please ALLAH or to perform good, but for the sole purpose of outranking their rivals, and gaining fame among people, especially poets, who were the official spokesmen at the time.

So as we say in our colloquial ' niyat maj khot hati ' as a result of which such sorry state of the Arabs, once proud upholders of the Oneness of Allah and the progeny of Moulana Ishmael became idolaters.
Among the pan Arab tribes, the rulers of Hijaz, were greatly esteemed and respected, and came to be considered as rulers and servants of religious center.

 Rulership of Hijaz was, in fact, a mixture of secular and official precedence as well as religious leadership. They ruled among the Arabs in the name of religious leadership and always monopolized the custodianship of the Holy Sanctuary and its neighborhood.

One such leader was the chief of Khuza'a  namely Amr bin Luhai, who was renowned for righteousness, charity, and was granted unreserved love and obedience by his tribesmen.

He was the one who first brought the idol - Hubal from Syria after seeing it worshiped there.

He placed it in the middle of Kabah and summoned his people to worship it. Readily enough, paganism spread all over Makkah being custodian of not only the Sacred House but all of the Haram as well. A great many idols, bearing different names, were introduced into the area.

An idol called Manat was worshipped in a place known as Al Mushallal near Red Sea. Another   Al Lat in Ta'if, the third Al Uzza in the valley of Nakhlah, and so on and so forth.

With passing of years, it so happened that every tribe, every house, had their own idols, and the Sacred House was overcrowded with them.

It was destined for Moulana Ali (SA) to climb up on the Kabah and break all the 360 idols that had been defiled the House of Allah.

Now we come to know that a single act of an Arab Chief Amr bin Luhai was responsible for the idol worship in Arabia. 



  1. Appreciate your account on the advent of polytheism in Arabia but regarding 'The smiling one between maulas'.. I'm sorry, but is the photo photoshopped?

  2. As per prophetic traditions every child is born on the "fitrah" of islam which is the fitra to submit to the Oneness and Unity of Allah(Swt). However in the journey towards Allah(swt) the "tabiyah" within the child overcomes his fitra and takes him to polytheism or shirk.

    The story of arabs is no different. With time their "tabiyah" overcame the Godly fitra and they became polytheists.

    It is very important to constantly reflect on our 'nafs' so that our ibadah is in the realm of Tawheed.

    There is a beautiful quote- " Shirk penetrates into the heart more silently than a black ant moving in a dark room below a black stone"

  3. Bhai Husain,
    the treasured photo with bewe Moulas is not photoshopped. I have the original with me. As it was in a bad state, when I received from one of my relative, I managed to restore it to some extent by an expert photo restorer.

    This was done in 1985. That time photoshop and other technology were not available.

  4. Thanks for sharing this nice article on the shift of Arab's perspective in worshiping God.
    Since I live in Kuwait, Surrounded by Arabs, I always take special interest in their History before Islam and how in world Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, Manage to cast such a great religion upon them and bring such a drastic turn around in their beliefs.
    May allah shower salawat upon Mohammad and his progeny, grant us their Shafa'at.