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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lessons from Battle of Ohad

In the decisive battle of OHAD the Quraishites smarting by the defeat suffered at Badr encamped at Ohad under the relentless Abu Sufiyan, with a formidable force of 3000 we'll equipped soldiers, and their sole motive was complete annihilation of the Muslims. 

Against this daunting enemy the Muslims numbered only 700 who only possessed 2 horses, but none the less marched ahead on to challenge the idolaters. 

From this battle I would like to narrate some incidents, and the niyat is that readers, should reflect and do introspection. The niyat behind our actions play a very important role, in determining the station we achieve in our Deen.
 Our ma'ad (the return) solely depends on the niyat behind all our actions. Be it big or small.
 After the departure of the Quraishites, people went out to check the identity of those killed and wounded. Zaid bin Thabit said : ' Muhammad (SA) sent me to seek S'ad bin Ar Rabi and said : ' when you see him, say : ' peace be upon you from me'  and say to him ' the Messenger of Allah says : How do you feel ? '

Zaid said : ' I started wandering about and checking those killed, till I came across Sa'd when he was about to die having suffered about seventy strokes or stabs of a sword, a spear and an arrow had pierced his body. As instructed I said to S'ad -” O Sa'd, the Messenger of Allah, sends you his greetings, and says peace be upon you, tell me how you feel? 

S'ad said: ' and let peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. Tell him, I smell the scent of the Paradise. Tell the Helpers, my people, you all will not be excused before Allah if the Prophet is hurt, and your eyes are blinking (meaning you are still living and not dead) thus saying, he died.

Now let us reflect upon another martyr Al - Usarim - named Amr bin Thabit, whom the Muslims had already urged to embrace Islam but he refused, but fought against the Quraishites. The Muslims found him amongst the wounded, on the verge of close death. They asked him: "What made you fight? Is it out of zeal to defend your people or is it because of an inclination to Islam? "He said:" It is (certainly) an inclination it Islam. I believe in Allah and His Messenger. I have fought with the Messenger Of Allah, till I have got what you see" thus saying he died. 

They told Muhammad (SA) about him. Hearing that he said: " He is one of the inhabitants of Paradise, although he has not offered one single namaz"

Now would request readers to reflect on reading the death of another valiant Arab who fought on the side of the Muslims. 

Qazman, who was found among the wounded, fought heroically, and killed seven or eight idolators. He was weakened by the wounds he sustained, they carried him to the habitation of Bani Zufr. The Muslims gave him glad tidings of Paradise. But he said : " by Allah, I have fought out of the zeal of my people. Had it not been for that I would have never fought." When his wounds worsened he committed suicide. 

Muhammad (SA) had already said whenever he was mentioned to him " He is an inhabitant of Fire" 

The martyrdom of Usarim and the death of Qazman does call for reflection and introspection. One embraced Islam although he had not performed any salaat, his niyat emancipated him. Qazman fought valiantly but in vain. 

Contrary to Qazman there was a Jew of Bani Tha'labah among those who fought with the Muslims, and got killed. He told his people who were reluctant to fight alongside the Muslims with whom they had a pact, it being Saturday. He told his people : " If I were killed, my property should be put at Muhammad's disposal" He fought with valour and was killed. 

On hearing of his death, Muhammad (SA) said: " Mukhaireeq is the best Jew"

Now this statement of Muhammad (SA) calls for reflection and introspection. Muhammad (SA) did not say that Mukhaireeq is the inhabitant of Jannat. 

So dear readers, in this Akhbar is Anwaar for those who reflect.

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  1. Salaams, Sir very good write up and very informative, may you keep on writing for years to come and we keep on reading and reflecting over it and improve our knowledge.

    As AQA Moula farmave che, Niyat of Mumin is Paramount to his/her Amal, this is a perfect example of this phrase.

    Very much thought provoking and inspiring. Good work Sir, all the best in your future endeavours.